Dental tourism

Dental services abroad are many times more expensive than in Serbia. Accordingly, dental tourism has become very popular in our country, due to low prices and high quality of services.
The prices of dental services in our practice may be up to 80% lower than in other countries. Dental practice “Dr Popović” organizes your entire stay in Belgrade during your visit for obtaining dental services. In cooperation with partner organizations: tourist, hotel, and taxi services, we will do everything to make your stay in Belgrade a pleasurable one.



  1. First you should fill out the contact form on our website describing the situation you wish to resolve and submit it along with a digital ortopan which is not older than 6 months.
  2. After receipt of your inquiry the staff of “Dr Popović” will contact you with the suggested preliminary plan for resolving your situation and the prices of the services.
  3. From the moment of your acceptance of the suggested plan and budget we take care of all the rest:
    1. We help you find the most cost efficient transportation method from your place of residence to Belgrade
    2. We organize free of charge transportation from the airport/train station/bus station in Belgrade to the hotel, as well as from the hotel to the dental practice and back
    3. We organize your stay in Belgrade in apartments and/or hotels with 3* or 4* at affordable prices
    4. We provide a schedule for visiting all the major sites in Belgrade in order to help you organize your free time in the most effective manner
    5. We introduce you to our partner tourist organizations which will take you for a tour of sightseeing in and around Belgrade

4. During your entire stay at the dental practice you will have a translator at your disposal.

We offer to all our patients the highest quality standards, individual access and a high level of organization.

Please do contact us for an obligation-free consultation in order to find out more about our services. Our staff will give you all the information you may require.



Before installing the implant, we check the health of your teeth and gums and if all the pathologies are repaired and after treatment of the gums and teeth approach the installation.


Artificial crowns are dental restoration comprising a specially processed natural tooth crown, implant, or upgrade.

What to see in Belgrade

One more reason to solve your dental problem in the dental practice “Dr Popović” is the visit to Belgrade and its numerous sites. Some of them are:

The Belgrade fortress - A one-of-a-kind witness to Belgrade’s past, a place where you can literally observe the passage of time, the Belgrade fortress was constructed gradually, over a long period of time between the first and the eighteenth century. From the Roman castrum, over a byzantine castello and the remains of a medieval capitol of the Serbian despotic entity, all the way to the Austrian-Ottoman artillery fortification. The fortress is comprised of the fort, split into the Upper town (Despot gate, Sahat tower, Roman well, Victor statue), Lower town (Nebojsa tower, Amam-turkish bath, the Gate of Carlo VII) and the Kalemegdan park which holds the monuments to important persons from Serbian history, science, and culture. From the Belgrade fortress one may experience the exciting view on the confluence of Sava and Danube, New Belgrade, and Zemun. In the Kalemegdan park one may also find the Cvijeta Zuzoric pavilion, the Great stairs, a zoo, a children’s park, and a plethora of monuments and sculptures, several sports courts, a museum, a café, and a restaurant.

SKADARLIJA - Old, bohemian part of Belgrade, Skadarlija, was created during the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, when its taverns served as the gathering place for the most famous names of cultural Belgrade. It is most often compared to the Monmartre in Paris, by its looks as well as by its jolly, bustling artistic atmosphere.

Royal Court- The royal court on Dedinje was built during the period 1924-1929, under order of king Aleksandar I, as the official royal residence. Immense and highly representative white stone mansion was built in the Serbian-Byzantine style. Pergolas, park terraces, swimming pools, pavilion and a concert terrace are built around the Court. From the Court, which is on top of a hill, the view is magnificent of Dedinje, Kosutnjak forrest, Topcider, and Avala.

White Court- The building of the White court, which is located in the same complex as the Royal court, was built under the order of Aleksandar I as a residence for his sons. The ground level of this classical building hosts the great Ceremony hall and a plethora of salons decorated in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI with Venetian chandeliers. The Royal library is also located there with about 35,000 books and the Ceremony dining room decorated in the Chippendale style.

Knez Mihailo’s street- A walking district and a shopping area – Knez Mihailova’s street is protected under the law as one of the oldest and most valuable city monumental ambients, with numerous representative buildings and residential houses built at the end of 1870’s.

The building of the National Assembly- The first project for the National Assembly building was signed in 1891 by Konstantin A. Jovanovic. At the contest held in 1901 for the building, under a changed programme, near the Batal mosque area, the work of Jovan Ilkic was rewarded.

ADA CIGANLIJA - The Ada Ciganlija proudly wears its nickname “the Belgrade Sea”. Gipsy Ada is, actually, a man-made peninsula surrounded by banks and bordered by the river Sava on one side and the Sava lake on the other. It takes up the surface of around 800 ha. At the pebble beach which is about 7 kilometers long it is not difficult to find an ideal place to go for a swim. Besides swimming, along with public baths, showers, and water fountains as necessary accompanying elements, the offer of Ada is extremely rich.


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