Olivera Popović

Olivera Popović

Olivera Popović graduated from Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade and carries the title Engineer of applied mathematics.

She spent 30 years working in IT sector as a programmer, and a system engineer and an executive manager at the education center ‘’Informatika’’. Appart from that, she spent 15 years at a private company “PSTech” DOO as a founder, CEO and deputy CEO.

Olivera is currently an executive director at ‘’Dr Popović’’ dental practice, where she is in charge of organizing and business management, marketing strategy, technical and commercial support for clients, communication with partners and clients as well as continued staff educations.

Olivera is also an active member of Association of Business Women in Serbia  from 1999, and from 2006 to this day she is a vice president and a board member there.

Bregalnička br. 6

11000 Belgrade, Serbia



Work days:

08:30-12:30h / 16:00-20:00h