Mr. sci. dr Nemanja Popović, oral surgeon

Mr. sci. dr Nemanja Popović, oral surgeon

Oral surgeon

Mr. sci. dr Nemanja Popović graduated at Faculty of Dentistry ( Dental School), University of Belgrade in 2005 and obtained a Master’s degree in oral surgery and implantology in 2011 with the topic “Possibilities of immediate loading of Straumann implants implanted by bone condensation technique in the posterior maxilla”. In 2013 he obtained a Specialist Oral Sergion degree at the same University. He is currently a dental sciences PhD candidate. In 2016 he became Specialist for Regeneration in Dental Implantology and Periodontology, by University Charité, Berlin.  He continuously participates in various seminars and congresses related to various areas of dental services, materials, and innovations in order to provide the highest possible quality of service to his patients.

Grčića Milenka 1, Ground floor, unit 2

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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