Private dental practice „Dr Popovic“ is a family-owned practice founded in October of 1987 by dr Dragoslav Popovic and registered under the name of his son, dr Nemanja Popovic (holder of a Master’s degree in oral surgery), as of June of 2007. At that time the practice was renovated and fully equipped with three separate units. Since its founding the practice has excelled in providing top quality services to all family members which is achieved through the expertise and dedication of the founders and employees as well as through cooperation with distinguished experts of the Belgrade University of Dentistry.

Dental practice “Dr Popovic” is well-known for using the latest technologies in dental care industry.We own a latest generation X ray machine which emits the minimum dosage of radiation while providing maximum picture quality.We use the apex locator, as the most precise method of measuring the length of a root canal during tooth canal treatment. With our intraoral camera, our patients also have the possibility of visual display of the current state of the tooth, as well as the sanitation progress. Every patient of our has digital records, modern record-keeping software which is used for collecting and storing the necessary data for successful sanitation and maintenance of oral health.