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Impacted Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth develop at the end of the dental arch, between the ages of 18 to 25. They are the last of permanent teeth to erupt. A large percent of the population does not have enough room in their jaw for these teeth so they have to remove them eventually. However, if they do develop and are being lined up nicely, they can become very useful. Given the proper care they could last for a lifetime. Since the wisdom teeth are the last ones to erupt and usually with little room to develop, they may emerge only partially, while in some cases they don’t even breach the surface of the gums. These teeth are called impacted teeth.

It’s almost certain that impacted teeth will cause trouble if left in their place. It is recommended that the impacted teeth should be removed before the age of 25, regardless of whether or not they are causing problems. The intervention and recovery process are less complicated at the younger age.

In order to access the situation, first the X-ray of the jaw is done based on which the situation is assessed. During the removal of impacted teeth, if it is done surgically, the local anesthetic is used. The stitches remain in the mouth for the period of 7 to 10 days and are then removed, while the doctor is prescribing the measures concerning the oral hygiene and the diet.

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