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Rehabilitation of badly positioned teeth and uneven bite in children, adolescents and adults, is achieved by a variety of removable and fixed appliances that are available in our office. With the help of the most appropriate orthodontic solution, that our team of experts will recommend and implement, our patients will get healthy teeth and a perfect smile.

The purpose of orthodontics is to correct teeth position in order to improve their appearance and functionality. In addition to the aesthetic issues, we also address and resolve other numerous health problems related to tooth decay and gum diseases. Orthopedic solutions can help when the teeth are too close to each other, or have large gaps between them and also with asymmetric and protruding teeth as well as the uneven bite.

Firstly, we assess the condition of the patient on the basis of X-ray and examination. Then we consult with the patient on the type of the required braces. Whether the braces are fixed or removable, they work on the principle of gentle pressure on the teeth which, over time, move to their proper position.  Procedures such as dental impression and braces placement (if fixed device is in question) are not painful, but slight inconvenience is normal in the first few days, until the patient gets used to it.

Ortopedija vilica Dr Popović

At Dr. Popovic office, we offer the following orthodontic solutions:

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