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Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers are thin, individually fabricated veneers that cover the front of the teeth, thus, correcting their shortcomings. They are made of ceramic, which allows them to fully mimic natural teeth. This method is useful in solving problems regarding the coloring, shape, and size of the teeth. These veneers are ideal for patients with larger gaps between the teeth, damaged or eroded enamel and a cracked tooth. Thanks to the advanced CAD/CAM technology, where the entire facet-creating process is computerized, maximum aesthetic results are achieved with extremely thin veneers, assuring the minimum need for tooth preparation, and thus, enamel removal.

If there is sufficient room, and necessary corrections are not excessive, there is a possibility to construct so called “no prep veneers” which entail gluing thin ceramic flakes without any prior preparation, and damage to the tooth enamel.

The newest materials have enough strength and durability that facets may be placed on rear teeth without the risk of possible breakage or loss of function. This way, the entire smile can be shaped quickly and efficiently with the use of ceramic facets.

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