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Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a procedure where discoloration of the tooth surface and stains caused by food, drinks, cigarettes and other external factors are removed. This procedure is quick, painless and is the best way to transform a smile in just one short visit to the dentist.

The Flash Lamp for teeth whitening, the latest method of high-performance LED technology with a spectrum of focused light of high intensity, is a novelty from the German company White Smile.

The White Smile Flash teeth whitening lamp was created as a result of extensive user research around the world and uses many new and modernized functions:

  • "Guided treatment" guides through the application step by step to fantastically white teeth.
  • The determined shades of the teeth before and after the treatment are automatically evaluated.
  • Various whitening programs offer individual treatment planning.
  • High power LEDs provide ideal light activation of the flash gel for optimal results.


We also offer an option called “home teeth whitening” where the patient himself, at home, with extensive instructions, does the whitening. In that case, a specially made film is made in which the patient sets the gel of lower concentrations, and then places the film on the teeth. It may be daily or nightly whitening, depending on the concentration and composition of the gel used.

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