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Dental tourism

Dental tourism

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is a branch of medical tourism that involves going abroad for the purpose of obtaining dental services, usually including a mini holiday in the package. During the 30 years of its existence, Dr. Popovic has treated many patients from abroad who sought exceptional dental care at the best price. Our most popular services are implantology, prosthetics and oral surgery, for which our practice is highly specialized.

The equipment and materials we use are in accordance with the highest global standards and we work according to the procedures established by international protocol. Our staff is constantly improving their knowledge and skills by attending various lectures and seminars – so we can offer services of premium quality. This is proven by our practice’s numerous awards and certificates.

Special offer:

  1. For services over 5000 € total, we offer accommodation during the treatment,
    This offer applies for the first session, for a max. duration of 7 days.
    The required accommodation reservation must be announced several weeks in advance, due to the high demand and full capacities in Belgrade.
    Pls note that the accommodation would be of our choosing (usually a studio apartment), and we book it from different owners, so we cannot guarantee it will always be to everyone’s liking, especially if it is a quick booking (less than a month ahead).
  2.  Free transport from and to the airport.


a safe way to a beautiful smile

There are various ways to replace a missing tooth. But if you fill the deficiency with a dental implant, you will get a completely natural smile, flawless functionality and long-lasting solution. The implants protect the bone from decay, while the teeth around it remain intact.

Seize the opportunity to get the best dental service at favourable prices in our clinic. After the diagnostic procedure and a precise X-ray diagnostics, we will make a detailed therapy plan. Provide yourself with the completely functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of one or more teeth that you need to build up.

The durability of the dental build-up is our priority. Thus, we pay special attention to the choice of the material we work with. Straumann implant system that we use is one of the best scientifically documented systems proven in clinical studies which have been performed in numerous clinics and by a great number of dentists worldwide. Thanks to its design and the most modern technology, the placing of these implants
is now possible even in places where there is very little bone tissue. The time from implantation to prosthetics is significantly shorter.

Today, there are numerous manufacturers of dental implants on the market. Comparing the premium class of the implants with those cheaper ones, Straumann system offers the incomparably better quality for an insignificant difference in price. After the healing, the implants function as your own teeth, unlike dentures which cause an unpleasant feeling of a foreign body in the mouth.

Why Dr Popovic?

What distinguishes us from most other practices when it comes to dental care is our approach to patients. We take care of each of them in a personalized manner, from the moment of the first contact to their return home with a happy (new) smile. Our mission is to add emotions, care and affection to every quality dental work we do, and that is what our patients recognize and appreciate. See TESTIMONIALS from our patients.

What you need to know about the procedure?

From the moment you contact us, one of our doctors will communicate with you so that we can understand your dental needs and give you an appropriate answer and customize your unique solution. It is our practice to receive a digital x-ray of upper and lower jaw and a description of the problem - so that our staff can better understand the situation.

Within 24 hours you will receive a response from us, with all the necessary information about the course of treatment, duration, and price. If necessary, we make additions and corrections of the offer, in accordance with the patient's wishes, budget, and available treatment options. If you decide to book an appointment at our clinic, together we will plan your visit depending on the time that works best for you and the time needed to complete the treatment.

In addition to the complete dental treatment, Dr Popovic will take care of organizing your arrival and stay in Belgrade and will provide:

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a safe way to a beautiful smile

There are some hotels near our clinic where our patients can get special price!


You can see the hotels and find many useful and interesting info in our



Why Belgrade?

Enjoy the full range of Belgrade sights that offer historical, cultural, artistic, authentic local experiences - Tourist Organization of Belgrade  brings together the most important information about all Belgrade events.

If you still have doubts about coming to Belgrade, let us inspire you with:

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• Rich history – Fantastic historic sites

• The magic of the confluence of two rivers and the view of the city from the water – Belgrade cruise

• A wide Shopping offer




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