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Active Appliance

Active appliances are primarily designed to correct anomalies in children who do not have any permanent teeth yet, although in some cases they can be used for correction in people who have all permanent teeth. They are worn mainly at night and for a few hours during the day. Attached firmly with wire hooks to the teeth so to be stable in the mouth, they contain active elements which operate by using the mechanical force of engagement. They are made separately for the upper and lower jaw. These appliances are made in laboratory based on impression previously taken at the dental office. It usually takes only a few days for the patient to get used to wearing these dentures.

During the course of removable appliances therapy it is very important that the appliances are worn by the patient more often than not. That is why it is recommended that they are worn during sleep and few more hours during the day.

Indications for these appliances include spreading and shaping of the jaw and dental arches, displacement of individual tooth and groups of teeth, modification of the growth of permanent teeth while there are still milk teeth in the jaw, and maintaining the achieved results after the treatment.

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