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The basic characteristic of monobloc orthodontic appliances is that, in their construction, they do not have any source of force, but with their presence in the oral cavity, they change the tone and activity of the muscles, creating in them a force that is transmitted to the bone, tooth and muscle structures, thus creating change. They are not fixed in the mouth and could be manufactured as a set (for both jaws) or separately, in which case they should be worn together at all times. These appliances are made in the laboratory on the basis of a structural bite that was previously taken by the dentist. They should be worn for a longer period of time, during the day. At that time eating, drinking and talking are not allowed.

The ideal time for the application of these devices is just before the accelerated growth in puberty, roughly between the age of 10-12 for girls and 11-13 for boys, although this period is different from patient to patient. It is therefore very important that the dentist should establish, as early as possible and through detailed analysis, if this kind of treatment is necessary for a child to wear it in this development stage. In the case when the assessment is made too late, the results may be less effective and with shorter longevity.

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