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Exam and consultation Prices in €
General examination and consultation30
Specialist examination and consultation50
Implants Prices in €
Neodent GM Acqua implant400
Straumann BLT SLActive implant600
Implant Prosthetics Prices in €
Abutment on Neodent implant90
Abutment on Straumann implant160
Metal-ceramic crown on implant170
Porcelain / zirconium crown on implant270
All on 4 implant system Prices in €
Neodent GM Acqua implants, per jaw4.300 – 5.550
Straumann SLActive BLT implants, per jaw5.700 – 7.000
All on 6 implant system Prices in €
Neodent GM Acqua implants, per jaw5.350 – 6.600
Straumann SLActive BLT implants, per jaw7.350 – 8.600
Mini implants Prices in €
Full denture on lower jaw + 4 mini implants1.200
Oral Surgery Prices in €
Tooth extraction30
Complicated extraction50
Surgical extraction100
Surgical extraction of impacted tooth150
Apicoectomy (root tip removal)150
Cystectomy (cyst removal)200
Frenectomy (lip ligament removal)60
Gingivectomy (gum removal) per teeth50
External maxillary sinus floor elevation (+ material)500
Bone augmentation per section (+ material)200
Prosthetics Prices in €
Temporary denture200
Full denture300
Metal base denture350
Partial skeletal denture with attachments550
Crown – ceramics over metal (incl. temporary crown)130
Crown – full ceramics / zirconium (incl. temporary crown)230
Telescopic crown200
Fiberglass peg for crown60
Ceramic veneer250
Composite veneer100
Temporary crown (lab, CAD/CAM)30
CAD/CAM Prices in €
Periodontics Prices in €
Causal therapy of the periodontitis50
Removal of soft and hard plaque with polishing (teeth cleaning)30
Periodontal pocket treatment, per tooth30
Laser treatment of periodontal disease, per jaw150
Orthodontics Prices in €
Specialist consultation40
Specialist examination with taking impressions50
Active mobile unit, per jaw200
Fixed unit with conventional metal brackets, per jaw700
Fixed unit with conventional aesthetic brackets, per jaw900
Fixed unit with self-ligating (Damon) metal brackets, per jaw950
Fixed unit with self-ligating (Damon) aesthetic brackets, per jaw1100
Retention splint50
Monthly check-up30
Conservative, Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry Prices in €
Composite filling25-35
Endodontic treatment per canal30-50
Gangrene therapy30
Fissure sealing20
Teeth whitening home kit for both jaws150
Laser / Fläsh Lamp teeth whitening per jaw100
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