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Ceramic Inlay

Ceramic inlays are ceramic restorations that affect one, two or three tooth surfaces. They are made when part of the crown is destroyed by decay, and the issue cannot be solved through a regular filling. The result is very high in aesthetics, as well as in the functionality of the posterior teeth. Inlays are created outside of the patient’s mouth, in the dental laboratory. For this reason, two visits to the dentist are required; during the first, grinding of the teeth forms a base for the inlay and dental impression is created based on which technician may begin to develop the inlay which is being cemented during the second visit.

The advantage of these reconstructions is it’s resistance to the chewing forces due to the choice of material (ceramic is unable to ‘snap’ unlike the classic filling), noticeably increasing inlay durability. In addition to the excellent resistance to chewing forces, ceramic inlays have outstanding aesthetic properties due to it’s color and morphology perfectly matching remainder of the healthy dental substance. Highly polished surfaces well adjusted to the gums are easily cleaned ensuring preservation of oral health and consequently, prevent parodontopathy.

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