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Cad/Cam is short for Computer-aided design/Computer-aided manufacture, i.e. computer-guided design and computer-aided manufacture in stomatology.

With the aid of this technology the completed ceramic blocks, via the process of computer control and processing, are made into dental supplements – inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. With the aid of Cad/Cam dental supplements, from the outset to completion of the process, are created by computer-guided, high precision equipment.

Advantages of Cad/Cam as compared to conventional methods of tooth restauration

  • Tooth supplement is completed practically on the same day, so the patient does not have to make multiple visits
  • Protects your gums
  • Microscopic precision in the production of the supplement
  • Longevity of the supplement, biocompatible tooth ceramics
  • Aesthetically completely natural supplement effect
  • Full ceramics in the materials, completely metal-free
  • Unchanging characteristic of the materials, longevity


Cad/Cam dental supplements are made from hard ceramics blocs or composite materials which best suit the basic colour of the tooth being reconstructed.

First, the prepared and surrounding teeth in the patient’s mouth are scanned. This image, called the digital print, sends the data into the computer. Subsequently, the 3D software creates a virtual restauration of the problem tooth, which is then sent to another machine – the chopper. Within the chopper, the missing part of the tooth is created from a hard ceramics block or composite material. The product is then placed into the glazing furnace where, with the help of different pigments, the customization of the restauration is achieved. The restauration is subsequently adjusted in the patient’s mouth and finally cemented.

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